25/09/2012 08:51

We understand there are so many methods and so many ways can preserve culture and language. We believed that one of ways to protect our language and culture is to have a access to the variety of children’s books.

The catalyst for establishing Wild Yaks was a visit back to Tibet in 2004.  While there, we went from bookstore to bookstore looking for Tibetan Children’s books for our niece and nephews but with very limited success.  The bookstores were stocked with Chinese language children’s books but with very few books produced in Tibetan.  When we came back to Canada, we started to write, and illustrate the Tibetan children’s books. Our books are based on fundamental principals of Tibetan culture, religion, the Tibetan way of life and social change.

Now as parents we also look for children’s books in Canada for our children.  In the West we are blessed to have an abundance of multicultural-based children’s books but very few Tibetan books, especially written by Tibetans.

So we feel the uniqueness of Wild Yaks is that our children’s books are written in both Tibetan and English since we are living in a global community today. We believe our books are excellent for both teaching Tibetan children and introducing Tibetan culture to all children.