In everyday life, there are 18 ways parents can teach their children Tibetan

23/02/2014 12:20

1. When teaching a language you have be patient and vigilant. The mutual effort of both parents is needed to create a Tibetan-speaking environment at home and to have your children adopt the habit of speaking Tibetan.

2. If only one of the parents speaks Tibetan then he or she needs to only speak Tibetan consistently to the children and try not to speak other languages around the children.

3. You have to be familiar with your child’s passions and interests and develop solid habits of speaking Tibetan based on visual, vocal and tangible means.
4. The key is to spend a lot of time with your child and to have a lot of conversation. You need to do a lot of activities and to attend many different events together. This way parents can introduce new vocabulary. According to child psychologists, children can learn quickly but they forget easily. So parents need to repeat the new vocabulary many times.

5. While teaching Tibetan to your child, you have to be creative. For example: you need to play a variety of games to make your child interested and to make the experience enjoyable. When your child gets tired or bored, you need to let your child relax and you shouldn’t insist that they continue.
6. On the weekends, it is a good idea to take your child to new environments and having conversation about difference subjects.

7. When your child says some new words in Tibetan, it is important to praise him or give them small treats. In the journey of teaching Tibetan to your child it may be a good idea to give some kind of power to your child. This brings your child encouragement and confidence for speaking Tibetan and they also like to have control over certain areas of their life.

8. When your child gets tired or bored, you need to let your child relax and you shouldn’t insist that they continue.

9. You shouldn’t criticize or discourage your child when they are learning.

10. If you are a busy parent, then you should hire a babysitter who speaks perfect Tibetan.

11. You must need to take your child often to where people speak Tibetan. This helps to develop your child’s listening skills.

12. When you are teaching your child Tibetan, it is very helpful to play competitive games. Challenge them, sometimes let them win, but sometimes don’t.

13. Your child should have Tibetan books. Parents need to read to their children, and should read with rhythm and loudly.

14. You should let your children watch Tibetan television, cartoons, movies, and music videos and listen to Tibetan radio. You should also take your child to language classes in their community.

15. You should get their children interested in Tibetan music. If possible they should take them to music lessons or hire a teacher.

16. You should make friend with families who value the Tibetan language, and let your children play with other children who speak Tibetan if you want your children to speak the language fluently.

17. Traditional and religious parents can teach Tibetan through morning and evening prayers and prayer before eating.

18. If you can, then you should take your child to India or Tibet on your vacation for few months. If you are able to, consider having your child attend a Tibetan school in Tibet or India for a year or two.

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Topic: In everyday life, there are 18 ways parents can teach their children Tibetan

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