Dream Seekers

The story centers on a mother and son in eastern Tibet.  The story begins with a mother setting off on a journey that will help her achieve her dream of having a child.  On her journey she stops along the way to help animals that are in need.  The mother’s dream is achieved and she has a son, a son who years later

retraces his mother’s journey with the support of the animals his mother helped years ago in order to

achieve his own dream.

There are several Tibetan themes in the book.  The first is Tibetans searching for their roots in a changing world.  The second theme of the book is the Buddhist belief in cause and effect.  The book is set in Tibet, and is illustrated in a Tibetan style.  It reflects a Tibetan worldview and our cultural and spiritual beliefs.  It also makes reference to places in Tibet, monuments and monasteries, and mountains and rivers.  It is written in both Tibetan and English to meet the needs of Tibetans at home and abroad.