The Three Dollar Computer Project

The Three  Dollar Computer Project
Our Goal
The Three  Dollar Project"s goal is to donate computers to schools in rural Tibet.  The project is asking individuals to donate $3 a month. Three dollars is a small sum, about the price of a cup if coffee. But if we collaborate and put our money together we can possibly change children's lives.  
Many schools in the villages of Tibet have poor computer facilities or have never had any computers at all.  The power of computers could greatly open students' minds, expand their skills and learning opportunities and connect them with ideas and people all over the world.
How the Project work
Individuals or organizations who are interested in joining the project are asked to agree to a $3 monthly donation for a year; so $36 in total. Donations can be sent by cash; cheque (payable to: ) or though Paypal to account:
Where the Money Goes
Wildyaks is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who are part of the larger Tibetan Children's Education Proect.  No one is paid. So every penny that is raised will go directly to the purchase and distribution of computers to Tibetan schools. All computers will be purchased as closely as possible to the schools to keep costs low. 
The Three Dollar Projects beleives that transparency is fundamental to our project.  All participants and donations will be listed on the website ( unless asked otherwise).  The budget and expenses will also be posted along with copies of receipts. We believe people will be more encouraged when they can clearly see the impact of their donations. 
Friends, please join us in our three dollar computer project for Tibetan schools. Three dollars can make a difference for Tibetan schools and children.